Privacy Policy


Statement About Privacy Policy and Protection of Personal Data

In order to fulfill the disclosure requirement of the A.10 of the Law No:6698 on the Protection of Personal Data (“PPD Law”),, website (will be mentioned as “Macromax Website” hereafter), employs the following principles to protect the personal data transferred to Macromax Website:
There are various regulations for the use of personal data in, foremost the Law No: 6698 on the Protection of Personal Data,, Regulation of the Broadcast Conducted on the Internet and Fight Against the Crimes Committed with the Help of These Broadcasts, numbered 5651, Turkish Penal Code, numbered 5237 and other legislations. Data provided by all the visitors who entered Macromax Website is being processed in accordance with their consent and legislation provisions.
In order to provide a service that is in more favorable terms to their customers and to uphold the legal regulations, Macromax Website will collect your navigation data, process them, share them with third parties and keep them safe, in accordance with the purposes and the scope that is determined in the Statement About Protection of Personal Data.
Collected information will be stored and monitored for the betterment of the existing applications within the website, in accordance with the preferences of the visitors.
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