Legal Warning


Macromax Website will save, store, update, anonymously share with third parties, transfer, classify and process your personal information within the authorization and scope of the legislation.
Within this context, confirming the visitors credentials, saving their addresses and other information for contacting, contacting the visitors about their applications’ current status and other updates, giving the necessary information, drafting all the registrations and documents, which will be the basis of the electronic or paper based procedures, are being processed in order for us to be able to inform the public officials about the matters concerning the public safety when it is requested or as required by the legislation, to increase the visitor satisfaction and get to know our visitors and to evaluate our visitors’ the complaints and suggestions about our services, to uphold our legal obligations and to utilize our rights arising from the legislation in force.
Personal information shared with Macromax Website is under our supervision. The responsibility of establishing the necessary organization and taking and adapting the necessary technical measures in order to protect the confidentiality and the integrity of the information, as per the provisions of the legislation in force, is accepted. Sharing the personal information belonging to our visitors with the third parties is being handled with the consent of the visitors, and as a rule, information is not shared with third parties without the visitors’ consent.
Obligations arose from the law and the requests made by the public enterprises, with respect to their authorizations and duties, personal information is being shared with the relevant bodies. Moreover, in order to provide the promised services and to assess the quality of those services, personal information is shared with contracted third parties.
Necessary technical and legal precautions are being taken in order to prevent violation of rights during the data transfer to third parties. In addition to that, Macromax Website is not responsible for the violations happened due to the data protection policies of the third party, who is getting the information and, in the risk scope that falls under the responsibility of the third party.
Your personal information may be shared with institutions and organizations, whom we cooperate in order to conduct our services, that are our program partners, domestic/foreign people and institutions, whose cloud storage services we use and various third parties and our business partners, in order to provide a better service for the users and within the context of various improvement activities.
In accordance with PPD Law, you have the right to learn if your personal data is processed or not and, demand knowledge if it is processed, the purpose of it and, if it is being used properly, be informed about the domestic/foreign third parties, ask for a correction if your data is processed incomplete or false, demand removal/deletion of your data in accordance with the conditions stated in article 7 of PPD Law, inform third parties, who received your information, about the correction, removal and deletion procedures, object to an outcome, resulting from an exclusive analysis of your data via automated systems, and demand reimbursement if your data is processed in defiance of PPD Law, which resulted in a loss for you. You can contact us at e-mail address anytime for all your questions and remarks regarding your personal data.
Macromax Website, herein, reserves the right to update the text of Statement About Protection of Personal Data in parallel with the possible changes which could be made on the legislation in force.
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